How does Practickle support Kindergarten Readiness?

Kindergarten readiness is determined by evaluating the emotional, academic, and social skills necessary to succeed in a formal educational setting.

Brain research reveals the importance of early experiences in developing the brain’s future capabilities. Research, also, reveals that it takes several years to develop the brain circuitry necessary for deep comprehension.

Practickle’s guides are based on the Kindergarten through Grade 2 English Language Arts- Reading Standards. The Reading Standards highlighted below are examples of the kinds of skills the Practickle guides build:

  • Read from a broad range of literary and informational texts and recognize common types of text.
  • Recognize text structure and story elements such as characters, setting, and major events.
  • Describe the relationship between illustrations or pictures and the text.
  • Identify the main topic and key details of an informational text.
  • Describe the connection between two individuals, two events, two ideas, or two pieces of information.
  • Compare and contrast the experiences of characters in familiar stories.
  • Identify the reasons an author gives to support a point.
  • Identify the similarities and differences between two texts on the same topic.


Use of the guides builds a child’s ability to talk about a book in thinking patterns (forming inferences, analyzing, and evaluating)  that build the circuitry to understand text deeply.

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