Storytime Activities and Reading Materials

Make storytime a magic time for learning!

Growing brains love to learn. Your pre-reader, beginning reader or emerging reader loves to try new things, and take on fun challenges. Introduce new activities into your family’s storytime! Here are some of our suggestions to try. Make sure you visit our reading games page too!

The Three Readings

The Practickle experience centers around three readings – three explicit guides for each of our recommended books, which help young readers develop comprehension and reasoning skills. Storytime is your golden opportunity to unplug and engage, while improving school performance for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade readers!

This method is based on brain research.  Each guide uses a singular focus and repetition of reading Best Practices to build the brain pathways necessary for deep comprehension. Most importantly, it is truly fun and engaging for your beginning reader!

Make a Word Wall

Learning vocabulary can be a fun family experience! Dedicate a highly visible area as your new Word Wall, and post new words that your young reader has learned. This can be very casual, colorful, and creative. Organize it however you like. Then revisit it together, talking about the old and new words, and how different words relate to each other.

Create a journal

With a blank journal, your young reader can become a storyteller! Help him or her create new illustrations for the books you are reading together, or work together to write new stories.

More reading materials and activities to try

There are many resources available to parents and caregivers. Here are some we have found to be truly stellar.

  • Practickle’s Pinterest board – Chock full of games, activities and ideas to keep you busy and having fun!
  • Parent Involvement in Early Literacy – Some good explanation of how you can make a difference in your reader’s brain development, plus easy things to try while reading together.
  • In2books – Young readers can read books “with” online penpals and share their notes. Fun for family members too!
  • No Time for Flash Cards – We love everything about this site, and you will get lots of use out of its books section. Reading lists, reviews, and a parents’ book club.
  • Reading Rockets – Connected to PBS, this site has great links for parents and caregivers on any topic related to early literacy.
  • Get Ready to Read – This site is a for-profit company, but it has many free resources for parents and caregivers.
  • YouTube – Yes! YouTube is full of excellent read-alouds. Just search for your book title. A great way to hear multiple interpretations of a book.
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