How Practickle Works

Build your young reader’s comprehension quickly and easily









The Practickle experience is based on current research into how kids’ brains develop and grow. Empower your young reader to build the brain circuitry necessary for deep comprehension—in the time you are already spending together.

How we choose the books

Practickle books are chosen from the best children’s literature—the books that appear on bestseller and awards lists, with consistently high reviews.

CC Linstroth, Practickle’s founder and an educator with 40 years of experience, reads each of the books on this short list, choosing only the ones that perfectly suit the Practickle structure. These books have wonderful illustrations that match the text well; high-level content that suits educational standards; and enough content to keep young minds engaged and fascinated through all three readings.

The “three readings” method

Our proven method requires no extra time for you, but will create a deeply transformative experience! It is truly amazing to see a child engage with this method, and to observe how quickly the brain can learn and use new concepts. This all happens in the space of your normal story time, thanks to the “three readings” structure.

With every Practickle book, you will receive three reading guides, which build on each other to help your child fully comprehend and learn from each story.

The first reading guide is scripted page by page, using the information in illustrations and images to activate the listener’s prior experience and help him or her make inferences and predictions about the story elements.

The second reading guide is scripted page by page as well, focusing on the text and vocabulary (both new words and figurative language). The related questions focus on clarifying inferences and predictions from the first reading and the story elements.

The third reading guide focuses on analyzing the story or text as a whole, with big-picture questions and activities relating to character development, theme, and main idea as well as other Common Core standards-related concepts.


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