Common Core and Practickle

With Common Core being implemented throughout the nation, we understand your desire to help your young learner meet the new standards, without making learning a chore. The Practickle experience is developed with just this approach in mind. Our foundation is in brain research and standards-based education—and we empower you to effectively teach reading comprehension in a fun and engaging way.

Reading is the most important skill you can teach

What’s the #1 indicator of success in school? Reading comprehension, of course. In our modern world, reading comprehension is a set of skills that you use continually through every facet of your life. No matter what subject you look at, you will find unique text structures and vocabulary that must be mastered.

Whether your young learner is reading a book, solving a math problem, browsing the sports section or reading instructions for a new game, he or she must apply reading comprehension and reasoning skills.

Storytime is learning time!

  • A social connection during learning (such as reading together) increases your child’s learning power!
  • In 2013, only one in three parents of children under the age of eight engaged in nightly reading or storytime.
  • Boys lag behind girls in reading proficiency in all 50 states on standardized reading tests.
  • Parents who read to their children frequently, and are frequent readers themselves, are six times more likely to have children who read a lot.

The “three readings” approach

As you read through the Common Core standards, they may appear daunting. How can a pre-reader, beginning reader or emerging reader perform at such a high comprehension level? Practickle is based on brain research showing that even young brains can perform high-level thinking. It is never too early to start strengthening the brain’s reasoning power.

Practickle’s three readings are a fun, easy way for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade learners to develop their comprehension and reasoning skills step by step. As your young reader digs deeper into each story, you will notice increasingly complex inferences and analyses being made. Our method enforces the central skills included in the Common Core standard for English Language Arts, as well as all of the Reading Comprehension Best Practices.

Learn more about Common Core, or try Practickle today!

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