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Kids love to learn. Practickle helps them excel.

The Practickle method is a simple, fun and effective method for you to teach reading comprehension and reasoning to your child, setting the stage for a lifetime of learning.

You are your child’s first teacher. In these early years, you have a golden opportunity to build the brain circuitry necessary for deep comprehension, giving your young reader an incredible head start.


Easy to use, with no added time investment!

Practickle is designed to work with your busy schedule! It’s easy to start creating this experience during your regular storytime, or whenever you have a few minutes to share together.

Helps with reading homework and classroom performance

One of the greatest benefits of the Practickle method is that is makes kids enthusiastic about reading and storytelling. When reading engages your child’s active mind, it becomes a fun activity that he or she will want to continue—even when reading in the classroom or for homework. Your teachers will notice the difference!

The “three readings” concept

Practickle works with hand-selected books and carefully designed reading guides. With each book, you and your child will share three readings.

  • Reading 1: Pictures and illustrations
  • Reading 2: Vocabulary
  • Reading 3: Comprehension and reasoning

Try Practickle today, or learn more about how it works.


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