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Practickle provides ready-made lesson plans for your classroom!


Practickle is developed by an award-winning teacher with over 40 years of classroom experience. If there is one thing we understand, it’s the challenge of finding new, engaging material and transforming it into lesson plans that kids will love. The Practickle reading guides are created with teachers in mind. Each guide is a ready-made starting point for your lesson, needing only minor tweaks to tailor the instruction for your group of learners.

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Reading comprehension is the most important skill you can teach.

Did you know?

  • 40% of errors on standardized math tests are related to reading errors due to weak reading skills and misunderstood vocabulary.
  • 60% of the thinking you do each day requires you to form an inference. The English Language Arts standards expect students in kindergarten to begin forming inferences.
  • 90% of the reading you do each day is nonfiction text.

ALL teachers are now considered teachers of reading. Every content area has its own text structures and vocabulary; without the ability to comprehend these structures and make inferences, young learners are at a disadvantage. This is true whether they are studying long division, browsing the sports section, or reading instructions for a new game!

Teaching Best Practices and Common Core standards

Each of Practickle’s reading guides is a direct, explicit instructional plan to facilitate the use of Reading Comprehension Best Practices. Additionally, every guide maintains a standards-based focus. These guides cover many of the Common Core English Language Arts standards for kindergarten through Grade 2.

Practickle’s structure is based on brain research. Through repetition of the Best Practices and the standards skills, your young readers will build the brain pathways necessary for deep comprehension.


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