Goals and Objectives

Aj-and-Mom-Reading-300x300You are your child’s first teacher.

You already know the immense value of helping your child learn and develop. With Practickle, you can offer your young learner an incredible gift: a head start in comprehension and reasoning. This ability doesn’t just improve classroom performance; it makes learning fun!

The outcome of these early years is entirely in your hands. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to engage your child’s imagination, and build deep comprehension for a lifetime of learning.

After using Practickle, your young reader will be armed with the tools to excel in kindergarten, or to improve his or her learning experience in first and second grade!

Making learning FUN, in every subject!

Think back to your own grade-school classwork. No matter what subject you studied, there were always new terms to learn, new concepts to comprehend. The reality of education is that, without a strong grasp of reading and language comprehension, any subject will be more challenging.

Building reading comprehension Best Practices will help your young learner quickly grasp new concepts, making any subject more fun and exciting. Build the brain circuitry necessary to develop comprehension and reasoning, using Practickle’s research-based method!

Building Best Practices

A reading comprehension Best Practice is a strategy or method that helps the reader comprehend text at multiple levels of complexity. These strategies and methods continue to produce superior results over time. Best Practices work whether you are five, fifteen, or fifty!

Try Practickle today, or learn more about the science behind the method.


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