Preschool & Homeschool Reading


Did you know?

  • During your preschool years, your brain grew faster than at any other time in your life.
  • By the time you were five and a half, your brain growth was 92% complete.
  • 90% of the words you read every day are informational text, requiring you to apply comprehension and reasoning skills.
  • A social connection during learning (such as reading together) increases your child’s learning power!

YOU can be the most effective teacher your young reader will ever have. These early years are a golden opportunity to unplug and engage, while building the deep brain pathways necessary to improving reading comprehension and reasoning.

Start today and watch your young reader learn and excel!

Reading is the most important skill you can teach

In our modern world, reading comprehension is a central skill that you use continually through every facet of your life. No matter what subject you look at, you will find unique text structures and vocabulary that must be mastered.

Whether kids are reading a book, solving a math problem, browsing the sports section or reading instructions for a new game, they must apply reading comprehension and reasoning.

Practickle empowers you to teach reading on a deeper level

The Practickle reading guides are a unique, professionally developed combination of:

These guides are ready for you to print and use, without additional research or resource gathering—so you can focus your time on effective learning.

Practickle’s book selections are award winners from a range of genres. Each has been hand-picked and tested by an award-winning teacher with over 40 years’ experience in the classroom and training teachers. CC’s expertise empowers all teachers, yourself included, to teach reading comprehension mastery to your pre-reader, beginning reader or emerging reader.

Creating your reading curriculum

We have developed Practickle to serve readers through preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade. The Practickle experience builds a foundation of skill and mastery that helps readers’ brains develop and grow to new levels of comprehension.

When you’re creating a reading curriculum, we recommend that you approach learning from several directions:



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