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Reading can, and should, be FUN. The best reading games keep young readers enthusiastically engaged, mentally active, and truly loving the learning experience.

Teachers, parents and caregivers are always looking for teaching games that really work. Here are some of the best we’ve found for pre-readers, beginning readers and emerging readers.

Make every story a game

Remember, ANY story can be a learning experience! One of our favorite games to play after watching a movie is to ask fun questions. Try these:

  • What happened after ___? Putting events in order is a great exercise for the brain. Whoever gets the answer correct, gets to ask the next “after” question.
  • Who was the most important character? Ask for details from the movie that support the answer.
  • How is a character from the movie like your child? Or, does the character remind your child of anyone? Ask for details to support the answer.

Expand imagination with color

The Practickle method highlights the importance of illustrations and pictures. For this game, get out the paint box or use the Curious George mix and paint online. Have fun making new colors. Give each color a name, and talk about them!

Our favorite reading and reasoning game resources


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