About Practickle

Jennifer Linstroth-Mingo & CC Linstroth The Founders of Praticle

Jennifer Linstroth-Mingo & CC Linstroth, Practickle’s Founders

Practickle is a fun, easy-to-use, research-based method of teaching reading comprehension Best Practices during storytime with children aged three to seven. Each month, you will receive four professionally selected book recommendations, along with three corresponding reading guides for each book.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity to deepen brain development in your young reader: incorporate these interactive readings into your daily storytime. In the time you are already spending with your child, you can unplug, engage, and have fun while improving the #1 success indicator for school performance—reading comprehension.

This method is designed to be exciting and productive for young readers, both at home and in the classroom. Here’s more about how Practickle works.

Giving Back

We are dedicated to improving learning for young people everywhere. When you purchase a Practickle program, we will offer another program at no cost to a family or school in need. Read more about how we give back.

About CC and Jen

We are a mother-daughter team who founded Practickle with a simple idea: What if we could take the current research on early childhood learning, and make it fun and accessible for kids and parents? We use this method at home, and we hope you will join us.

CC Linstroth

With more than 40 years as a professional educator, mentor to aspiring teachers, and literacy coach, reading is not only a part of her daily curriculum but also a passion for CC Linstroth. Over the span of her career, CC has impacted the lives of thousands of children dedicating her time to education both inside and outside the classroom. CC raised her own two children and is currently helping to raise her three grandchildren on the same principles of literacy found in Practickle. CC knows that strong reading comprehension skills are the foundation of a great education.


  • B.S. Elementary Education and Child Development – Purdue University
  • M.S. Experiential Education – Minnesota State University
  • Specialist Degree – Reading – Hamline University

Professional Experience:

  • Creating and teaching reading courses for at-risk high school students
  • Teaching reading in an at-risk high school
  • District-wide literacy coaching
  • Consulting on literacy Best Practices and meeting content standards

Jennifer Linstroth-Mingo

As a full-time businesswoman and mother of two preschool children, Jennifer is always looking for ways to quickly find quality activities to do with her children that are fun, nurturing and educational.

Observing the way her mother reads to her grandchildren, Jennifer decided that the experience is something others with preschool children would appreciate. As a result, she developed Practickle. Teaming with her mother, Jennifer is re-creating these reading experiences for all of those interested in building a strong reading comprehension foundation for their children, grandchildren and/or students.


  • B.S. Math Education – Purdue University
  • Phi Beta Kappa



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