Keepin’ the Kids Happy during Drive Time & Feeding the Brain at the Same Time!

Teaching kids how to hear, identify and manipulate sounds of the alphabet is an important first step in reading readiness.

So, when you’re in the car assume the role of the teacher and resident brain expert.

Play a rhyming game:


“I say bat. You say _________.”

“I say bed. You say _________.”


Your child will fill in with a rhyming word. Add rhythm and clapping if you want to really turn up the volume.  AND you are not driving the car:)


Clap. Clap.         “I say bad. You say _______.”


Other Variations:

~Your child gives the first word. You give the rhyming reply.

~Keep the same rhyming pattern going for as long as you can: bat, hat, rat, mat………..

~Add more actions: two claps and two train whistle sounds.

Clap. Clap. Whistle. Whistle.   “I cay she. You say ______________.”

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