Homework! Another Reason to Love Practickle!

As the school year begins, the few hours before bedtime become even busier for families with children in preschool or school. My granddaughter has started a preschool program that requires “homework.” Izzie’s school wants her reading each evening. The next day the students talk about what they read. This reading assignment is perfect for the family that uses Practickle! Nothing extra has to be squeezed into the evening routine. Practickle’s emphasis on deep understanding of the text through repeated readings to your child builds in your child confidence to share a familiar story with her classmates.  Through the four quality picture books, literature and informational texts, selected each month your reader has the choice of sharing one of the new books or a past favorite. Regardless of the book chosen the repeated readings that focus on comprehension will give your child the level of retention and recall that will make this school sharing time eagerly anticipated by your young reader. I’m sure your child’s teacher will notice the retelling skill, the comprehension of the story elements, and the vocabulary that your child uses when sharing a story that has been read the Practickle way!

If your child wishes to choose a book that hasn’t been a Practickle selection or is assigned by the teacher, all you have to do is apply the Practickle approach through repeated readings. Each reading has a different focus (illustrations, text and vocabulary, and analysis). Apply this structure of repeated readings to any book. Using this structured approach will increase comprehension of any text.

At Practickle, we believe that everyone wants to make the time spent reading with children as beneficial for future learning as possible. As a grandparent, I love having a way to help my granddaughter build that skills that I know will make her school experiences, both now and in the future, fun and successful.

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