Im too busy to use Practickle!


Consider these opportunities:

  • Have a play date with other children.
  • Enrich the play time by using the Practickle book and guide with the group. It will enhance your child’s comprehension by hearing the inferences, observations, and questions of other children.
  • Don’t worry about using the entire guide. Just remember the purpose of each reading. The first reading focus  is on the illustrations. If you’re doing the second reading, read the book and talk about a couple of vocabulary words that you would like to add to your child’s vocabulary. The  purpose of the third reading is to talk about the big ideas and connections in the book as you and your child share the job of reading the story.
  • You are already reading to your child at some time during the day. This isn’t an additional activity that needs to be inserted into your day. Practickle enriches one of the most important activities that you do with your child. Since you’re already doing this, do it the Practickle way!
  • Keep one or two of the Practickle books in your child’s backpack or your car. It seems that there are always times when you’re waiting somewhere (a doctor’s office, or sitting with one child while waiting for another of your children). Pull out one of the books, and read it the Practickle way. As you get more familiar with the Practickle way, you’ll find yourself able to sit down anywhere any time and read the Practickle way.
  • Purchase Practickle for your day care provider. Your child will get the wonderful reading framework from another person who is reading to your child each day.

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