Z is for Moose is a rare alphabet book that mixes humor with letter/sound relationships.   Kelly Bingham has delivered a delightful book that your young readers will request repeatedly.

Zebra is trying to stage a production about the letters and sounds of the alphabet. “A is for apple. B is for ball.” How hard can this be? Enter: Moose! Like many children, Moose has trouble waiting his turn. He enters again and again on the wrong pages.

The order and predictability of regular alphabet books leads you to think that Moose must wait until after the L page for his turn. Ms. Bingham’s text will surprise both your reader and you.

In her book dedication, Kelly Bingham writes, “For Sam, who asked for a funny book.” She has certainly achieved her goal!

Check out This video is very funny! Your child is already learning the alphabet or practicing the sounds of the alphabet. Why not add additional fun to your practice!

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