How is Practickle Great for Preschool and Homeschool Curriculum

*Curriculum is not to be confused with standards. Standards is the what to teach. Curriculum is the how to teach (teaching strategies and materials).

The Practickle reading guides are a unique combination of Reading Comprehension Best Practices, the national Kindergarten through Grade 2 English Language Arts Standards, and brain research. Instructors spend significant time gathering quality resources and designing lessons containing these three components. These scripted guides are ready to print and use, needing just the personal tweaking that each instructor will do to adapt the readings to the needs of the students.

The four books selected each month for Practickle’s users are award-winning books covering a range of genre.

The guides are developed and tested by an award-winning teacher with over forty years experience in the classroom and in training teachers.

Links for Articles with Research Supporting the Practickle Approach:

  • Six recommendations to improve reading in the primary grades.
  • David Pearson is one of the most enduring and highly respected researchers on reading. In fact, he is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s International Reading Association Convention.
  • Launching Young Readers
  • PBS’s  is a wealth of information for anyone reading with children. Check out the content of each episode in the wonderful series “Launching Young Readers”. Watch an entire episode of a segment. Very good!
  • An article that gives an overview of research based suggestions for the teaching of reading comprehension. Mr. Wilhelm is a nationally recognized author on this topic.

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