What makes repeated readings of a story essential to helping my child become a great thinker?

Think about how many times you read and reread a recipe. Why do you play and replay a song that touches you? How many times have written and rewritten an importand personal letter or paper?

Promoting the repeated connections with a quality or important piece of literature or informational text develops a deeper level of comprehension of the text. Each time we return to the piece, either as the reader or the writer, we make more connections and “get more out of it.”

In Practickle, we focus on high-quality texts that make repeated readings worthwhile. In an article in Reading Today (June/July 2013) Timothy Shanahan (University of Illinois and Past President of the International Reading Association) stresses that “the second and third readings have authentic and unique purposes.” Each reading in Practickle has a different focus for the brain.

The repeated readings build a mental process that encourages thinking in our beginning readers. “The knowledge, motivation, and confidence gained are positive benefits that can be transferred to other reading experiences.” (Elizabeth Dobler, Reading Today, June/July 2013)

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