Educational Objectives of Practickle

Each of Practickle’s reading guides have a single standards-based focus:

  • The guide for each First Reading is scripted page by page using the information in features such as illustrations, photographs, and charts,tables or graphs to activate the prior knowledge of the listener and to make inferences about the story elements.
  • The guide for each Second Reading is scripted page by page focusing on the text and vocabulary (both new words and figurative language). The guide provides child-friendly definitions of the new and unique words that an author chooses. The questions relating focus on clarifying the inferences made during the First Reading and the story elements.
  • The guide for each Third Reading focuses on analyzing the story or informational text as a whole. There are big idea questions relating to such text elements as: character development, theme, and main idea.
  • The Third Reading usually contains activities that to build the vocabulary of the listener. There are, also, activities to meet the English Language Arts Standards – Writing and Viewing.
  • The guides cover many of the English Language Arts Standards – Reading for Kindergarten through Grade 2.


In addition to addressing the English Language Arts standards, each Practickle guide is a direct, explicit instructional plan to facilitate practice of one of the Reading Comprehension Best Practices.

The structure of the Practickle guides is based on brain research. There is a singular focus for each of the readings. Practickle uses repetition of the Best Practices and the standards skills to build the brain circuitry necessary for deep comprehension.

These guides are developed to provide a quality reading experience that is ready for a teacher to use. Instead of spending time creating these guides for the direct, explicit instruction of reading comprehension skills, the teacher has a starting point for the lesson needing just to tweak the guides to tailor the instruction appropriate for each group of learners.


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