Practickle Program:

The Practickle experience is for parents and caregivers of Preschool and Kindergartners, ages 3-7 years old, who want to bring a fun new way of reading enrichment into their homes. Each month Practickle members will receive four professional book recommendations with simple-to-follow Practickle reading guides. These guides walk adults through three different interactive readings focused on building Reading Comprehension Best Practices in our young readers.
Along with building foundational comprehension skills, here are Practickle’s goals for your young reader:

Make reading time with your child enjoyable and educational.
Make literacy Best Practices a key element in your child’s development.   
Build your child’s inductive reasoning and problem solving skills.
Highlight math, science, technology and the arts in picture books.
Create an exploratory attitude toward learning.



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  • Julie Hess

    I am proud to be a part of the Practickle team!

    I believe in Practickle’s mission and program for so many reasons. As a mom to preschool children, I am always looking for educational lessons we can do together which bring in an element of fun. This program does just that. It is a chance for us to sit down together a few times a week and spend quality time reading- not just getting through the pages like we usually do. The new techniques I am applying to our story times has making a difference with the kids literacy skills.
  • Sarah Kane Kuehl

    Practickle is a tremendous reading resource for our family!

    As a mom of three young children, I appreciate the fantastic book selections and the strengthening of our reading comprehension skills. Now that our oldest child is reading well, this is the perfect opportunity for him to read to his younger sisters while I refer to Practickle on our family iPad. Thank you for offering a fun program that benefits our children’s academic success and their love of books!
  • Kenneth Janke

    Parents of reluctant readers often ask me what they can do at home.

    Parents of reluctant readers often ask me what they can do at home, and my response is always to do more reading with their child. This is not as easy as it sounds. Many children approaching adolescence have already accepted themselves as "bad-readers", and cannot be inspired to break out-of this rut without a teacher's help. Early home intervention with preschool/kindergarten aged children can have profound results on how kids interact with- text, and how they perceive themselves as readers. This can set a student up for a lifetime of successful learning and growth. is a tool for parents to give children an ex-cellent start on the road to literacy. There is very little that young children find more fun then spending time with Mom and Dad, and when reading is fun, school is easy.